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The C02 Industry hackathon is a collaborative challenge to support and accelerate the development and deployment of low carbon solutions that will make tomorrow’s metal industry cleaner. If you are an energy player, an industrial equipment manufacturer, a digital company, or if you simply have an appetite for innovations related to the environment, join us on 23, 24 and 25 November.


The Re-Factory: Our definition
The Re-Factory is the first European circular economy factory dedicated to mobility. An industrial and commercial ecosystem created by the Renault Group, open to start-ups and partnerships. Its objective is to encourage initiatives, develop innovation in the service of the circular economy, and aim for a negative carbon balance by 2030, in line with our European ambition of zero impact by 2050. A sustainable and responsible conversion, both environmentally and socially, which will draw on the many assets of the site and our employees. 
What is behind the concept of Industry Innovation Center?
The challenge will take place at the Renault Industry Centre of Excellence and Innovation. This centre groups together 6 hubs of activity: 
1) The innovation centre, which enables the engineering teams to develop new technological building blocks that will be introduced into the industrial sites
2) The control tower, whose mission is to remotely monitor the health of the production facilities and protect the plants against cyber attacks
3) The reference centre, for the renovation of production means (retrofit) 
4) The reference centre for the additive manufacturing of parts, for the group's vehicles and industrial machines (3D printing) 
5) The prototype production centre, for the commercial vehicle range 
6) The fuel cell production centre (hydrogen)